Meteor Makine was founded as Meteor Elektrik in 1970 by Vedat TANRISEVER. Following its establishment,  the production of electric motor coil windings and compact powerfull transformers were undertaken. Then our company that decided to involve in the welding industry started the projection, spot and butt welding machinery production. Meteor Makine has flourished itself and eventually mastered in resistance welding machinery by always following technologic developments and examining important companies in the same industry.


Scope of Indutry;

> Automotive Industry,
< Home Appliances,
> Panel Radiator Manufacturers,
< String Grill and Shelf Manufacturers,
> Steel and Aluminium Kitchen Appliances Industry,
< Construction Industry,



Name of Some of The Machinery That We Produce,

< Spot & Projection Welding Machines,
> Line Welding Machines,
< Butt Welding Machines,
> CNC Welding Machines,
< Panel Radiator Welding Lines,
> Steel Wicker and Double Wicker Welding Machines,
< Custom Made Welding Machines,
> Discharge Welding Machines etc.

  Our company, becaming a Limited Company in 1997, now operates in a 1000 squaremeter closed production space and manufactures different kinds of standard and custom resistance welding machines. With its experience of 36 years, our company provides all technical support and consultation about welding for our customers.